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DMS 803

Motorized 6-axis goniometer for display measurement

DMS 803

DMS 803

Motorized 6-axis goniometer for display measurement

Fully automatic display analysis with extensive accessories

Based on a fully motorized 6-axis goniometer, the DMS 803 is used for convenient determination of the luminance, contrast and color properties of small to medium-sized displays at different viewing angles with variable electrical control.

Its scope of use embraces multiple applications in research & development and quality control. A wide range of lighting accessories and temperature control chambers make the DMS 803 particularly suitable for the characterization of displays for mobile applications (smartphone, tablet PC).

DMS accessories

  • Combined light meters: microscope, photometer, spectrometer
  • Temperature control chamber
  • Light sources and illumination units
  • Unit for sample control
  • Scan surface extension

DMS software

  • Software packages DMSControl (controller) and ViPer (preparation and evaluation of readings)

Key Features

• Characterization of emissive, transmissive, reflective and transflective displays
• Fully motorized 6-axis positioner with electrical control, photometer or spectroradiometer, lighting, PC and software
• Surface scan: max. 100 x 100 mm for analyzing the homogeneity of luminance, contrast and color over the surface
• Optional temperature control chamber
• Analysis of all photometric and colorimetric properties as a function of viewing angle, electrical control, temperature and time
Extensive range of accessories for testing under varying  lighting conditions and temperatures

Technical data and specifications


Properties of DMS 803

θ inclination angle

0° bis 90°

Φ rotation angle

0° bis 360 °

Reflective illumination angle

0° bis 90°

Min. step θ / Φ / Refl. Illumination


X/Y transition

±50 mm

Z transition

250 mm

Min. step X/Y/Z

0,01 mm

Sphere of confusion (all axis)

100 µm

Max. diagonal

600 mm / 23“

Max. diagonal for motorized x-y scanning

459 mm / 18“

Max. thickness

250 mm

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Sample system