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DMS 903

Fully automatic 6-axis goniometer for large-format displays

DMS 903

DMS 903

Fully automatic 6-axis goniometer for large-format displays

Maximum automation for quality control and lab

The DMS 903 is ideal for the photometric and colorimetric analysis of large-format displays. The measuring system is based on a 6-axis goniometer for determining the viewing angle-dependent properties of large displays.

It is used in quality control, as well as in research and development and permits the analysis of samples up to a diagonal of 1800 mm (approx. 72”) and a measurement surface diagonal of 1270 mm (approx. 50”).

Key Features

• Characterization of emissive, transmissive, reflective and transflective displays
• 6 motorized axes for viewing angle scan and surface scanning of samples, without rotation of the sample during measurement
• Optional array spectrometer for precise radiometric and photometric measurements
• Analysis of all photometric and colorimetric properties as a function of viewing angle, electrical control, time and temperature (optionally with temperature control chamber)
• Optional specular illumination for evaluation of the reflectance characteristics (e.g. BRDF) and diffuse light source with adjustable diameter (1° to 15°) for the simulation of ambient lighting conditions
• Motorized microscope aperture and integral alignment camera
• Extensive accessories for testing in varying lighting conditions and temperatures

Technical data and specifications


Properties of DMS 903

θ inclination angle

0° bis 80°

Φ rotation angle

0° bis 360 °

Reflective illumination angle

0° bis 70°

Min. step θ / Φ / Refl. illumination


X/Y transition

X: ±300 mm; Y: ±225 mm

Z transition

280 mm

Min. step X/Y/Z

0,01 mm

Sphere of confusion (all axis)

300 µm

Max. diagonal

1800 mm / 72“

Max. diagonal for motorized x-y scanning

1270 mm / 50“

Max. thickness

280 mm


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