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RMS 1200

Retroreflectometer for measurement of retroreflectors in compliance with standards

RMS 1200

RMS 1200

Retroreflectometer for measurement of retroreflectors in compliance with standards

RMS 1200 – Determination of retroreflection values for all types of retroreflectors with precise color temperature control

The RMS 1200 from the Optronik line from Instrument Systems measures the back reflection of retroreflectors of all kinds in the automotive field and other retroreflecting materials. High-precision measurements are made in accordance with CIE Publication 54.2-2001 and reliably fulfil all current requirements, e.g. ECE R3, SAE J594, ISO-EN-DIN 20471 or DIN 67520.

The instrument is characterized by precise color temperature control of the projector light source to standard illuminant A. Only seconds after being switched on, the light source is stabilized and a color temperature of 2856 Kelvin is reached. As color temperature is measured and stabilized internally, the RMS 1200 retroreflectometer delivers reliable test results in accordance with CIE Publication 54.2-2001.

The RMS 1200 is controlled by the LightCon software of an AMS goniometer or special software for applications such as ISO 20471.

Key Features

- Several model variants with freely selectable viewing angles of 0.1 to 2° (for a distance of 100 feet) with 0.001° resolution

- Special measurement optics to avoid the effects of extraneous light

- V (λ) alignment ≤ 2.0% in accordance with CIE Publication 54.2-2001

- Display of color temperature, duty cycles and service life of the projector lamp

- Can be combined with all AMS goniometers of the Optronik line

Technical data and specifications



Viewing angle

up to 100 ft: 0.1 to 1.5°, optional 2°

Angle resolution


Display range R

0.1 to 99,999 mcd/lx (disply resolution in most sensitive range is 0.001 mcd/lx)

Display range R‘

0.01 to 9999.9 cd/(lxm2) for sample size 10 x 10 cm2

Illuminated area

Ø 200 mm (ECE) or 254 mm (10“) (SAE), (optional approx. 700 mm for  ECE R27)

Color temperature projector

2856 K (standard illuminant A, controlled)

V(λ) Alignment reception

f1‘ ≤ 2.0% acc. to CIE 54.2-2001

Dimensions (H x L x W)

600 x 600 x 2450 mm³ or 600 x 600 x 2650 mm³


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