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TMU System

TEC Temperature Control System

TMU System

TMU System

TEC Temperature Control System


TTS is the specific product is a high calorif-ic value’s LED changing the temperature at your command

TTS is generally classified into three models,(according to specifications) as following

TTS is one of very fast temperature control systems in market. In most ranges , control time is about 5~6minutes, and does not exxeed a max 10 minutes

TTS’s SFC technology can be adjust temperature of heatsink according to control temperature . It can be controlled more settled and quicky also reduce the FAN noises

An external temperature sensor which user want, can be mount to TTS’s TMU. AND it can be basis control

Key Features:

- Control range : 20℃ ~ 125℃.

- Accuracy : ± 0.1 ℃

- Resolution : ± 0.1 ℃

- Load : MAX 60W (Aging)

- Target : any Metal PCB type

- Ambient Temperature Range : 20℃ ~ 30℃



 Max Load

 Max 60Watt (at aging)

 Target Sample Size

 Any metal PCB

 Control Temp

 25℃ ~ 125℃.


 Max ± 1 ℃




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