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LGS 1000

Goniophotometer for large SSL/LED modules

LGS 1000

LGS 1000

Goniophotometer for large SSL/LED modules

Determining spatial radiation properties of large samples

The LGS 1000 is ideally suited to precise determination of the angle-dependent spatial radiation properties of large and heavy LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products as well as conventional lamps and luminaires.

It can be operated either together with a photometer as a classical goniophotometer or with a spectrometer, e.g. the CAS 140D, as a high-quality and extremely versatile goniospectroradiometer. In this way, all key parameters such as luminous intensity distribution, luminous flux, color coordinates and even the color rendering index can be measured with the greatest accuracy. The instrument is suitable for samples with a diameter up to 2 m and weight of up to 50 kg.

In combination with a photometer extremely fast measurements can be performed “on-the-fly”. The spatial light distribution of the sample is determined in the shortest possible time, while the goniophotometer in motion. Extensive features of the SpecWin Pro software facilitate the evaluation and preparation of the readings.

Evaluation of energy efficiency classes

Instrument Systems offers a broad range of accessories and a comprehensive software kit for the LGS 1000. The complete system is thus ideal for standard-compliant specification and classification of solid-state lighting products. With the capability for correcting the burning position (position correction accessory) this also applies to the characterization of position-sensitive samples.

Key Features

- Walkable steps: simple mounting of large samples with a diameter of up to 2 m and weight of up to 50 kg

- Precise determination of photometric, spectroradiometric and colorimetric quantities

- Position correction: innovative correction process for position-sensitive samples

- Data export in IES and EULUMDAT format

- Simple and intuitive control of the measurement process, as well as power supply and electric measurement of the sample

- Configurable switch-on and stabilization routines for the sample with repetitive measurement tasks

- Extensive and adaptable measurement logs and reporting functions

Technical data and specifications



Travel range C-axis-90° to +270°, safeguarded by limit switches
Travel range γ-axis±165°, safeguarded by limit switches
Resolution of the angle encoder0.01°
Reproducibility of C-axis≤0.1° (under rated load); ≤0.2° (under max. load)
Reproducibility of γ-axis    ≤0.1° (under rated load); ≤0.1° (under max. load)
Dimensions (H x W x D); weight   1852.5 x 1492 x 1798 mm3; 660 kg
Max. sample size/weight  2000 mm diameter / 50 kg (30 kg rated load)


Examples of applications