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CM 10

Tristimulus colorimeter with high spatial resolution

CM 10

CM 10

Tristimulus colorimeter with high spatial resolution

Precise lab measurement and direct display of color coordinates

The CM 10 from the Instrument Systems Optronik line is a precise tristimulus colorimeter for a wide range of light sources. It features an impressively high signal dynamic range and a wide measuring range of up to 600 klx. The colorimeter head of the CM 10 contains four silicon photodiodes with full-glass filtering for the Xred, Xblue, Y and Z tristimulus functions. This permits particularly precise correction.

Readings are displayed at the touch of a button in the different CIE coordinate systems. For white light analysis a corrected color temperature is calculated in K. In its Y-channel the instrument also displays a reading in lux, and due to its excellent V-lambda correction of the Y channel it meets the requirements of a Class L photometer pursuant to DIN 5032-7 (2017).

The CM 10 can be flexibly used for a wide range of applications, e.g. as a standalone measuring station, together with a goniophotometer or an integrating sphere for simultaneous determination of luminous flux and color coordinates. Furthermore, in conjunction with a standard illuminant A projector unit it can be used for determining the color of retroreflection in accordance with ECE R3 or R 27.

In contrast to other tristimulus colorimeters, the detector has a light entry area of only 14mm and is thus particularly suitable for applications in which an emphasis is placed on measurements with a high spatial resolution, e.g. in the analysis of color deviation along the cut-off line of vehicle headlights.

Key Features

- Determination of color values in the X-Y-Z (CIE-LAB), x-y-Y (CIE-LAB), u-v-Y (CIE-UCS 1960), u’-v’-Y (CIE-UCS 1976) coordinate systems and correlated color temperature in K

- Wide measuring range over six decades; maximum display value 600 klx; display resolution 0.1 mlx in the most sensitive measuring range (applies to Y-channel)

- High spatial resolution through 14 mm light entry area (advantageous for goniometric measurements)

- V (λ) alignment ≤ 1.5% in the Y-channel; 4 silicon photodiodes with precision photocurrent amplifiers; thermostat stabilization to 35°C

Technical data and specifications


CM 10 Eigenschaften

Measuring scope

0.1 mlx (resolution in most sensitive range) – 600 klx

No. of photodiodes

4, corrected to X1, X2 (red), Y (green) and Z (blue)

No. of measuring ranges


Measuring range selection


V (λ) correction

f1‘ ≤ 1.5% (in Y-channel)


≤ 0.005 pursuant to GTB Photometry Guidelines

Display modes

X-Y-Z (CIE-LAB), x-y-Y (CIE-LAB 1931), u-v-Y (CIE-UCS 1960), u‘-v‘-Y (CIE UCS 1976) and correlated color temperature in K

Light entry area

Ø14 mm


Examples of applications

Sample system