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Power sources

Optimized for your application

Power sources

Power sources

Optimized for your application

PSU 10: Power supply unit and TEC controller for ACS 570 and ACS 585 LED calibration standards

The PSU 10 ensures constant optical radiant flux for LED calibration with the ACS 570/585 calibration standards. At the same time, an integral TEC controller guarantees an operating temperature of 35°C for the calibration LED. The PSU 10 is ideally suitable for use as a reference current source.

DC power supply SNT 10: Optimized for automotive applications

The system power supply SNT 10 was especially developed for the automotive and traffic technology industries. Its unique features are ideal in terms of accuracy and stability for photometric measurements with goniophotometers or integrating spheres. The SNT 10 offers an outstanding programming resolution and measurement precision conforming to the GTB Photometry Accuracy Guidelines and SAE Standards J1330 for type testing of automotive lighting.

PS 102 and PS 120: Laboratory power supply for auxiliary light sources

With the PS series Instrument Systems offers high-end lab power supplies that have been optimized for auxiliary light sources in different measurement setups. Model PS-102 is ideally suitable for the operation of auxiliary light sources in integrating spheres or halogen lamps for T/R measurement (0-42 V, 0-6 A).

The PS 120 is a highly stable, compact switching power supply with a digital display (0-30 V, 0-10 A).

Vektrex: Power supply for LED and laser stress tests

When LED modules or lasers are subjected in series to burn-in or endurance tests, a good power supply can reduce the risk of damage due to abnormal voltage or current stress. The impulse power sources of the Vektrex Spike series are specially designed for conducting multi-component stress tests. At the same time they can significantly reduce power consumption, and due to the special digital power conversion they do not require water cooling.

Keithley: Diversity for the laboratory

In addition to the voltage or power source, the source meters from Keithley also offer numerous measurement functions. They can be configured as a precision power supply, power source, voltage source, picoammeter, electronic load, etc. and measure, e.g. set of drain curves, threshold voltages, gate leakage currents and transconductance. In addition to proven precision and accuracy – depending on the model – graphic touchscreen displays offer intuitive use.

HEIDEN: Frequency and voltage converters for LED/SSL

The linear AC/DC sources of the HEIDEN ACS series serve to simulate frequencies, voltage, curve shapes, phase angles and currents. This is necessary, e.g. when devices must be conceived for other network forms, e.g. the US market with a 110 V / 60 Hz network or 400 Hz on-board networks in aircraft. Depending on the model version, the ACS are freely adjustable single- or three-phase sinus, rectangular or triangular voltages. The frequency range can be adjusted manually, and frequencies that are often used can be selected at the touch of a button. With their linear switching concept, our AC sources offer many advantages, e.g. minimum distortion of the output signal, broad output bandwidth, high crest factors and compact design, e.g. 1,000 VA in 6 HE, 60 kg.

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