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Test Sockets and Light Sources

A test socket to fit every model

Test Sockets and Light Sources

Test Sockets and Light Sources

A test socket to fit every model

A test socket to fit every model

LEDs are produced in a wide range of models and configurations: as wired single LEDs, in SMD format, as multi-chip or high-power LEDs, or also in the form of Level 2 products such as the Luxeon Star. Accordingly diverse are the requirements for reliable electrical contacts and mechanical alignment to the LEDs for optical measurement. Instrument Systems offers the industry’s widest range of test sockets. 



LED-5xxPrecision test sockets for standard LEDs
LED-6xxShadow-free test sockets
LED-81xTest sockets for high-power LEDs with passive cooling
LED-85xTemperature-controlled TEC test adapter with active cooling

LED 5xx - Fast insertion and changing in the measurement setup

With the LED 5xx series Instrument Systems offers a wide range of LED test sockets for fast insertion and changing of LEDs in measurement setups in the lab. These precision test sockets are available for all common LED types and ensure the reproducible positioning of the LED in the respective measurement adapter.

The list of available LED test sockets is being constantly extended to include types for the latest series and models of LED manufacturers. Customer-specific adaptations can also be made. Test sockets are available for the following LED models and types:

  • Wired, T1 and T1¾ with a diameter of 3 or 5 mm and 2 or 3 connectors
  • SMDs of different sizes and shapes
  • PLCC 2, 4, 6
  • Multi-chip LEDs
  • Side-emitting LEDs

The test sockets have been optimized for measurement adapters with a diameter of 25 mm and are perfectly compatible with the Instrument Systems measuring systems. They are fitted with a supply cable with banana plugs for connecting to a power source. The socket body and guide elements are made of aluminum or brass, enabling a highly precise alignment of the mechanical axis of the LED. The test sockets provide reliable electrical contacting. All models for SMD LEDs thus have precise contact pins. Zero-force test sockets are available for wired LEDs.

LED 6xx - Free radiation of LEDs at an angle of 180°

Shadow-free precision test sockets of the LED 6xx series are available for selected popular LED designs. The special clamping device at the side enables free radiation of the LED over an angular range of 180°. They are thus ideal for high-precision measurement of the luminous flux in integrating spheres or for determining the spatial radiation properties in a goniophotometer.

LED 81x - Test sockets for high-power LEDs

With an electrical output of several Watts, high-power LEDs generate not only a high light yield. The accompanying power loss also results in massive warming of the component that must be dissipated in order to prevent a reduction in its service life or even destruction. The chip temperature also has an enormous effect on the emitted light and radiation spectrum (color). The higher the temperature, the lower is the light yield. For this reason, Instrument Systems has developed test sockets for the reliable operation of high-power LEDs.

The LED 81x series has a passive cooling…

Features of the LED 81x:

  • Passive cooling with cooling unit and fan
  • Suitable for LED adapters with 25 mm ø
  • PT100 temperature sensor
  • 5 W maximum LED power, 2 A maximum operating current

With the LED 81x series of test sockets high-power LEDs can be operated reliably and safely with up to 5 Watts power loss. The test socket is designed to enable fast, fan-assisted dissipation into the surrounding air of the thermal load that developed on the LED. A PT100 sensor has been incorporated for temperature monitoring, and can be read with the appropriate instrument. LED-81x test sockets have been optimized for a high-power LED design.

LED 85x - Test socket with active cooling and heating

The influence of electrical and thermal operational parameters on the optical performance of high-power LEDs can be quickly and conveniently determined with the test sockets of the LED-85x series with TEC control. A Peltier element with air cooling permits the cooling and heating of the LEDs to an accuracy of 0.1°C. Both the integral PT100 sensor and the Peltier element can be connected to a TEC controller that assumes the control and temperature display functions.

Features of the LED-85x:

  • TEC heating and cooling (temperature range from + 5°C to + 85°C)
  • Suitable for LED adapters with 50 mm ø
  • Replaceable sockets for common high-power LEDs and level 2 circuit boards
  • 10 W maximum LED power, 2 A maximum operating current

Light sources from UV to IR: LS 100 / LS 500

The LS series of light sources was specially developed by Instrument Systems for radiation coupling in optical fibers. They are characterized by the coupling of high optical radiant power. Various versions cover the spectral range from UV to IR.




Halogen lamp with broadband reflector; 100 Watt; spectral range 350–2200 nm


SMA port for LS 100


Fiber bundle connector for LS 100


Dual light source with 20 W halogen lamp and 26 W deuterium lamp, incl. power supply; SMA fiber connector; spectral range 190–2500 nm

Features of the LS series:

  • High optical coupling efficiency into the optical fibers
  • Various fiber connector adapters can be connected
  • Models for the wavelength range from UV to IR

In addition to a halogen lamp, model LS500-110 is equipped with a special deuterium lamp for the low UV range, enabling a broad spectral range of 190-2500 nm to be realized.  The model has a shutter to limit the illumination of samples with der UV radiation. In addition, the deuterium and the halogen lamp can be individually switched on and off by remote means.

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