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SpecWin Pro

Professional software for the acquisition and analysis of spectral measurement data

SpecWin Pro

SpecWin Pro

Professional software for the acquisition and analysis of spectral measurement data

Intuitive control and analysis of complex spectral measurements in the lab

Our SpecWin Pro spectral analysis software is a powerful and easy-to-operate interface for the high-precision spectral measurement systems from Instrument Systems. The uniform control and logic guarantees reliable implementation of all measuring tasks, even outside daily lab routines.

The multi-window SpecWin Pro interface ensures a high degree of flexibility in the application and optimum control of readings. User-specific configurations can be saved and quickly retrieved for recurring measuring tasks. The calibration data of the measurement accessories is transparently managed and automatically checked for correct assignment prior to measurement.

The user-friendly environment offers multiple options for the integration of a wide range of Instrument Systems hardware, e.g.

  • Array spectroradiometers: CAS 140CT/D, CAS 120, MAS 40
  • Integrating spheres, optical probes, telescopic optical probes
  • Positioning systems of the DTS series
  • Goniometers of the LGS series
  • Power sources (e.g. source meter, AC/DC sources)
  • Temperature control

Your own external instruments can be controlled through the integrated development environment. The software can be used under Windows.

Comprehensive measurement analyses in the light lab

The SpecWin Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for

  • Spectral analysis of light sources of all kinds
  • LED measurement
  • Display measurement incl. NVIS acc. to MIL-L-85762A / MIL-STD-3009
  • Transmission and reflection

Technical data and specifications

Analysis options 

• Measurement of spectrum, transmission, reflection and complex measurement sequences
• Control and evaluation of goniometer measurements and display test systems
• Wizards and functions for self-absorption correction, test sample stabilization and ErP measurement
• Data evaluation in the measuring window itself, e.g. radiometric and photometric parameters or colorimetry
• Correlated color temperature, color rendering (CRI acc. to CIE, DIN and JIS, TM-30), MacAdams ellipses (ANSI, IEC), good/bad test, unified glare ratio, etc.
• Integrated calculations and evaluation functions
• Evaluation of goniometer measurements: integral value, angle of half intensity, various visualizations

Documentation of readings

• PDF, HTML or Excel reports
• Preparation of customized report templates
• Export of spectral data and tables of results as ASCII, CSV or Excel files

Optional modules for further applications

• Check of NVIS components
• Synchronized control of several spectrometers with the MultiCAS module
• Continuous acquisition of measuring sequences with the MultiTrack module

For simple measuring tasks we also offer the software with a limited range of functions: SpecWin Light

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