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LEDGON Goniometer System

Lightproof LED test system – complete and compact

LEDGON Goniometer System

LEDGON Goniometer System

Lightproof LED test system – complete and compact

Whether in the visible range or for applications in UV and IR, the LED has established itself everywhere as a light and radiation source. Qualification of this narrow-band semiconductor lighting in development and quality assurance calls for fastidious spectroradiometric observation. This is only possible with the aid of complex measurement technology.

With the LEDGON system Instrument Systems has developed a measuring system that is easy to use and ideal for fully automatic determination of all the relevant photometric parameters of single LEDs or small LED modules. Besides the visible range, its usage extends from 200 nm in UV to 2150 nm in IR.

The system comprises a lightproof LEDGON 100 goniometer and a spectroradiometer of the CAS series, together with an optional electrical sample control. The compact setup in a lightproof housing permits operation outside the darkroom typically required for a light lab.

Key Features:

- Motorized 2-axis goniometer in a lightproof housing

- High angle precision and reproducibility with an angle resolution of up to 0.1° for the entire anterior half-space of light emission

- Maximum accuracy and stability as well as metrological traceability from UV to IR due to high-end spectroradiometers of the CAS series

- Display and further analysis of readings by comprehensive spectral software




Spectrometer from the Instrument Systems CAS 140 or CAS 120 series.


Variable positioning on the optical bench of a goniometer, throughput- or cosine-optimized optical probes with flexible fiber connection to the spectrometer.


LEDGON 100, incl. motor control of the dual axis goniometer unit.


SpecWin Pro lab software for automatic control of the goniometer according to user specifications; with extensive analytical tools for complete characterization of LED sources.


Calibration of spectral irradiance with automated conversion to luminous intensity resp. luminous flux for LEDGON measuring geometry. Traceable to national standards as PTB or NIST.

Sample holder

Mounting of the test sample on the goniometer head by means of a simple clamping chuck or a module holder on an adjusting table.

LED test socket

LED test sockets for the electric supply and reproducible positioning of single LEDs.

Examples of applications