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DMS Display Measurement

All-in-one solution for goniometric display characterization

DMS Display Measurement

DMS Display Measurement

All-in-one solution for goniometric display characterization

The DMS system, the fundamentals of which were already in place in the 1980s, is a globally recognized reference system for the goniometric measurement of electro-optical displays and components. It is used both in development and quality control. On the basis of ongoing refinements and diverse accessories, the high-precision DMS goniometer delivers tailor-made solutions for ever new measurement tasks arising from state-of-the-art display technologies. 

Key Features:

- 6-axis, motorized goniometer system

- Measurement of luminance, contrast, color coordinates in different control statuses of the display and angles of view

- Electro-optical transfer characteristics and flicker measurement

- Qualification of environmental influences such as temperature and ambient light on electro-optical display characteristics

- Measuring microscope with spectrometer and photometer connection

- Interface for control of the sample




A basic DMS 201, 505, 803, 903 device as a manual or fully motorized goniometer and measuring microscope


CAS 140D array spectrometer


PMT 3/100 fast photometer with 100 kHz bandwidth

Halogen light source

HEL-4 tungsten halogen lamp

Xenon light source

LC-8 Xenon lamp

Lighting unit: diffuser hemisphere

DHS for determination of contrast in reflective displays

Lighting unit: integrating sphere

SDR for measurement of the diffuse reflection factor under 8° SPINC/SPEX

Lighting unit: VADIS

Diffuse lighting with variable aperture for measurement of display characteristics in ambient light

Lighting unit: PID

Parallel illumination for BRDF measurements

Lighting unit: PLS

LED point light source

HCS temperature control chamber

HCS-3B temperature control chamber for air heating/cooling over a temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. Optional with integrated sample holder and diffuser lighting


DMSControl control and measurement software. ViPer software for data analysis and visualization


Examples of applications